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Hear the Voicemail a Capitol Hill Police Officer Allegedly Left a Tea Party Organizer Trying to Block Its Rally-Goers From Attending a Congressional Press Conference

by Billy Hallowell |

Reports of alleged discrimination on the ground are unfolding in Washington, D.C., today, as two separate political events take place. And now angst is raging after Capitol Hill Police Officer Sandra Brown allegedly left a voicemail for one of the directors of the “Audit the IRS” event, saying attendees from one event were not allowed at the other…(Read More)

Audit the IRS Toolkit

Audit the IRS Rally Toolkit

1) A map of the Capitol area where the rally will be held


2) Talking Points on the IRS Scandal



  • Timeline: According to the IG report, the IRS began targeting conservative organizations, especially Tea Party groups, in February of 2010. The IRS agents were directed to target organizations with the words “patriot” or “tea party” in the names.
  • IRS Dishonesty: In 2011, the Ways & Means Committee conducted a hearing based on initial reports that conservative and Tea Party organizations were being targeted. At that time, the IRS commissioner lied and said there was absolutely no targeting taking place, even though he had already been briefed about the process and knew that it was his agency’s policy to single out conservative groups and delay or deny their application process.
  • Lack of Accountability: Since the public learned about this problem, there has been very little accountability taken by anyone in the Administration or in the Executive Branch. Although Steven Miller, the acting commissioner of the IRS, resigned, he testified before the Ways & Means Committee on May 17th and denied there was any political agenda or any significant wrong-doing.
  • Immense Scope of the Problem: We have learned that nearly 500 groups around the country were affected by this policy of targeting conservative organizations. We are continuing to learn about other organizations that were harassed, and we are just now beginning to see that the IRS misused its audit authority to single out individuals associated with TPP, as well as their small businesses.
  • Challenges TPP Groups Have Experienced: Because Tea Party Patriots groups were targeted, many were unable to fundraise and Tea Party Patriots local groups and the national group lost membership and donors as a direct consequence of this illegal practice at the IRS.
  • Pervasive Culture of Fear: The IRS’s policy of targeting Tea Party groups has had a chilling effect. Dozens of TPP state coordinators have said that they were too afraid to submit their applications after they learned about what other groups were experiencing.


  • It is a well-known truth that the “power to tax is the power to destroy.” Tea Party Patriots groups know this by experience now.
  • The Internal Revenue Services is, perhaps, one of the most feared government agencies because of its immense power to audit and repossess people’s assets. The American public has the right to expect their tax laws to be enforced in a transparent and equal way, irrespective of the individual’s personal convictions or group memberships and associations.
  • The IRS has crossed a line and set a precedent where individuals and their businesses may be targeted and harassed based solely on their political views or volunteer memberships.
  • This large-scale abuse of power is illegal, unacceptable, and unconstitutional. The IRS’s actions are entirely inconsistent with our Founding Fathers’ vision for a government that would be accountable to the people.


  • The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, which the Supreme Court has consistently said includes the right of association. Americans have the right to form groups and associations for the purposes of political education and civic engagement.
  • Tea Party Patriots is a national organization that exists for the purpose of encouraging grassroots involvement in holding the government accountable. One of TPP’s core beliefs is that our government should be constitutionally limited. The IRS scandal illustrates just how important the Tea Party Patriots’ mission is.
  • Although TPP has been targeted and harassed over the past three years by our government, we will continue our work, educating the public about the Constitution and also reining in the scope of the federal government.

3) A sample blog post on the IRS scandal

Sample Blog Post
Audit the IRS Rally
June 19th at 12:00 pm
Washington, DC

It’s time to rein in the government!

On May 10th, America learned that the IRS – perhaps the most frightening of all government agencies – has been singling out and targeting conservative groups, including Tea Party groups.  This admission from the IRS confirms what many of us had already suspected.  The IRS has, in fact, been delaying our applications and harassing those of us who wanted to form local Tea Party chapter organizations.  In some extreme cases, the IRS went after Tea Party local leaders and audited their family members.  Over the past month, we have learned more of the shocking details.  The IRS audited conservative groups across the country; the IRS asked churches and groups about their prayers; and the IRS stifled free speech and created massive target lists of individuals and organizations to harass.

The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right to free speech, which includes the right to political speech and the right to associate and form groups with other like-minded individuals.  The Tea Party movement, which began organically in 2010 in response to government excess, has attracted millions of regular Americans.  The Tea Party movement is, at its core, the embodiment of the American spirit.  The Tea Party movement sprang up in response to the government’s abuses of its powers, and this latest stunt from the IRS confirms for many of us why the Tea Party is so necessary.

Americans expect that our government will enforce its laws and rules – especially its tax laws – with fairness and equal application.  Join us in Washington, DC on June 19th at 12:00 pm on the West Lawn of the Capitol for a rally to rein in the out-of-control federal government, starting with the IRS.  For more details, visit this page:

4) Sample Sign messages for rally posters

Sample Sign Waving Messages

Audit the IRS Rally on June 19, 2013

Equal application of the law!

No more illegal targeting!

Reform the IRS!

Audit the IRS!

IRS: Read the First Amendment!

Rein in the IRS!

Rein in the Government!

First Amendment for all!

Abolish the IRS!

The Constitution Matters!

No more IRS targeting!

Reform the IRS

Reform the Tax Code

We fought for the whole Constitution; Lois abused us and took the Fifth!

5) Sample social media about the rally

Sample Twitter and Facebook Posts Audit the IRS Rally Washington, DC
June 19, 2013 @ 12:00 pm

Sample Tweets for Twitter:

Congress: Keep investigating the Constitutional violations. #DCIntervention

DC is out of control. #IRS is only one example. #DCIntervention

Join us in DC on Wednesday for Audit the #IRS rally!

#IRS scandal is exactly why fed gov’t needs less authority. #DCIntervention

#IRS scandal = what we’ve been fighting against for 4 years. #DCIntervention

The fed bureaucracy is so large that we can’t hold them accountable for crimes like #IRS scandal.

We will never stop fighting for Americans and justice for victims of IRS.

IRS targeting conservatives must be corrected. #DCIntervention

Fair, equal application of law applies to #TeaParty too. #DCIntervention

Fair, equal application of law applies to teaching Constitution too. #DCIntervention

IRS scandals illustrate why America needs the #teaparty!

No more harassment! No more intimidation from #IRS. #DCIntervention

Tea Party Patriots: protects and defends the Constitution. #IRS: targets and audits defenders of the Constitution

It is time to reform the #IRS. #DCIntervention

The tax code is 73,954 pages. It is time to reform #IRS with fixed system that cannot be used to dictate behavior. #DCIntervention


Sample Facebook Post:

For three years, the IRS unfairly and illegally targeted American citizens based on their very personal convictions, including their religious beliefs and political views. What could be more un-American than that?

It’s time to rein in the government. It’s time to reform the IRS. And it’s time to let our voices be heard. Join us in DC on June 19th at 12:00 pm in front of the Capitol for our rally! More details available here. 

6) A sample press release for those attending the rally


Tea Party Patriots to host a rally outside the Capitol on June 19, 2013 at 12:00 pm

(YOUR CITY) – Tomorrow the Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest tea party organization, will host a rally on the West Lawn of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.  The rally is in response not only to the IRS’s systemic corruption, but also to the pervasive culture in Washington, D.C. of out-of-control government agencies.  Whether it’s the EPA’s overreach or the DOJ’s lawlessness, or the IRS’s flagrant misuse of taxpayer funds for its Star Trek parody films, our nation’s government is out of touch with the American people and completely out of control.

“The IRS has demonstrated the most disturbing, illegal and outrageous abuse of government power, and we are going to Washington, DC tomorrow to voice our opposition,” said(INSERT YOUR NAME) of (INSERT NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION).

(INSERT NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION) will be taking a bus to Washington, D.C. to join the rally to rein in the government.  The rally will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, June 19th at 12:00 pm (noon) on the Capitol’s West Lawn. Everyone who is interested in reining in the government’s unchecked power is welcome to join the rally.

“We demand a return to the Constitution’s vision for a limited and accountable government.”

Tea Party Patriots is a national grassroots coalition with more than 3,400 locally organized chapters and more than 15 million supporters nationwide.  Tea Party Patriots is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting the principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets.  Visit Tea Party Patriots online

For further information about the rally in DC, please contact (INSERT YOUR NAME) of (INSERT NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION).  


7) An overview of the relationship between Obamacare and the IRS

The Relationship between Obamacare and the IRS: 4 Frightening Connections

1. Obamacare gives unprecedented powers and authority to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – the same agency that for three years was targeting and harassing conservative organizations.

2. Obamacare includes 47 major changes to the revenue code. According to the IRS Inspector General, these 47 changes “represent the largest set of tax law changes the IRS has had to implement in more than 20 years.”

3. In order to implement all of these Obamacare tax rules, the IRS has requested funding for 1,954 new agents to begin in 2014.

4. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of Obamacare’s expansion of the IRS is the fact that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the IRS are now working together to create a massive online database with personal
information. This database is the largest personal database the government has ever attempted. The database is called the Federal Data Services Hub and is a central portal where individuals’ medical records, citizenship information, criminal records, and all of their tax information on file with the IRS will be collected.

The IRS must be reined in, not given more powers and authority. Obamacare is an unwieldy law that gives a dangerous amount of control and discretion to an agency that has already proven how untrustworthy it is.

8) Audit the IRS Rally Signs


Tea Party Patriots: Live Updates from Audit the IRS Rally

The Audit the IRS Rally will begin at Noon ET today.  We will have live updates posted here.  Additionally you can watch the Live video from the rally.  And make sure you get our Mobile App to follow the action and engage with your Legislators.


Dustin Siggins

Leader of targeted pro-life group, Sue Martinez: “Work until it is done, to secure our 1st Amendment freedoms.”

Dustin Siggins

Tea Party vs. government is Shire vs. Mordor. Right on, Becky Gerritson.

Dustin Siggins

Brent Bozell just stepped up to speak. Asks if we think the IRS scandal is “an abuse” of our freedom, and then told us to tell Congress to tell the IRS our opinion!!!!

Dustin Siggins

Beck is right on — he pointed out that even during the Revolution, it was only a small percent of the populace actually fighting.

Avatar of Dustin SigginsDustin Siggins

Glenn Beck is really doing a great job of talking about history, bravery, and patriotism. “Freedom comes at a profound price.” Right on.

Dustin Siggins

Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) followed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-IA). Two great fiscal conservatives defending the Constitution.

Dustin Siggins

Heritage Action’s Mike Needham is speaking about how “it’s not surprising” this scandal happened. “It won’t stop at the IRS.”

It would have been the DOJ, HHS, and other agencies.

Dustin Siggins

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is on stage now, talking about how the people are saying they don’t trust the government.

Nor should they, eh, Patriots? “A majority” of Americans have “the mindset of the Founders.”

Dustin Siggins

Eric Holder should not handle the IRS investigation, says Rep. Salmon. He is exactly right.

Independent counsel “not influenced by this Administration” should investigate. “We’re gonna get the job done.”

Dustin Siggins

“Now is the time for tax reform.” Correct.

Jenny Beth is now introducing Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ). He has a bill for constitutional term limits.

He says the Tea Party is “the heartbeat of America.”

Dustin Siggins

Jenny Beth is introducing Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC), who is taking on the IRS with a bill.

“I work for you.” Right on, Congressman.

Over 100 criminal probes for stimulus spending, and the head of the EPA used a fake alias. The fake alias got an AWARD from the EPA.

And now the IRS is targeting conservatives.

Dustin Siggins

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) says we should abolish the IRS. “None of the IRS’ business how much money you make.”

Right on Congressman — if the NSA is spying on us, to intimidate us, it’s “freakier” than George Orwell ever envisioned.

Dustin Siggins

Chairman Camp says his committee has fought for answers from the IRS for two years. Systemic targeting of Tea Party groups happened.

“We will get the answers. It will take time.”

Dustin Siggins

We will restore freedom, and we will restore the Constitution. The goals of the Tea Party since its inception 4.5 years ago.

Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee, is leading the fight against the IRS scandal. He is speaking now.

Dustin Siggins

“We will not be intimidated.” Right on, Jenny Beth. We DO live in a republic, and the law should be applied equal. “Government bullying” will not be allowed.

We’ll “stand up, speak out, and shine a light” on their corruption. Exactly.

Avatar of Dustin SigginsDustin Siggins

National Coordinator Jenny Beth Martin just pointed out that the IRS was turned into a weapon against the people — even beyond its 73,000 pages of tax code.


by  |

It’s a busy day for conservatives at the nation’s Capitol. Members of Congress and activists are holding two separate gatherings, one to protest the IRS’s targeting of conservatives and the other to inform the country of an immigration bill push that GOP Reps. say is dangerous for the country.

The immigration rally kicked off at 9 am and is slated to go at least six hours, as the Washington Post notes. A media advisory said it would go from 9am to 12pm ET, break for lunch, and then pick back up from 2-5pm ET.

“Border security, rule-of-law members of Congress are unlikely to get a full debate inside the halls of Congress,” Rep. Peter King (R-Iowa) said in a statement beforehand. “So we are taking the debate outside its halls.”

TheBlaze has extensively covered the charge by King and fellow Reps. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) and Louis Gohmert (Texas) to block an immigration bill they say Republican leadership will pass and then allow to be changed behind-the-scenes to grant amnesty illegal aliens and thus a secure voting block for progressives and Democrats.

At noon ET, the Tea Party Patriots group will be holding a separate rally nearby called “Audit the IRS.”

“Were you targeted by the IRS for your political beliefs? Did you receive extra scrutiny for promoting limited government, the constitution, and fiscal responsibility? If not, will you be next?” the group asks on its website.

That rally will feature the likes of Glenn Beck, who is slated to deliver a speech. We have published his prepared remarks over on our contributor’s section.

“What I’m asking you is, the speech will be posted early on,” Beck said on his Thursday radio show. “I want you to seek this speech out and pass it on to as many people as you possibly can.”

When the rally starts at 12pm ET, you can watch a live feed here.


Immigration Rally 1

by Breitbart News |

Rep. Steve King is holding a six-hour press conference on immigration on the east lawn of the Capitol. Despite the early start on a day in the middle of the week, a couple hundred activists attended the beginning of the event. It is a sign of growing anxiety in the grass-roots over the Senate amnesty legislation.

“Border security, Rule of Law Members of Congress are unlikely to get a full debate inside the halls of Congress,” King said. “So we are taking the debate outside it’s halls.”

Thousands of Americans will also arrive in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday for a mass“Audit the IRS” rally to protest the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups. The Tea Party Patriots, a group targeted by the IRS, organized the rally.

Tea Partiers and conservatives who were targeted will speak at the rally along with prominent conservative legislators like Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rand Paul (R-KY), Mike Lee (R-UT) and Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Michele Bachmann (R-MN). Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Breitbart’s Sonnie Johnson will also speak at the rally.

Conservative talk-radio host Glenn Beck will speak at both events.

Breitbart News will live-blog all of the events.

Breitbart News investigative reporter Matthew Boyle (@MBoyle1) is at King’s immigration press conference. Kerry Picket (@KerryPicket) and Editor Mike Flynn (@Flynn1776) will also be reporting from the events throughout the day.

UPDATE (3:00 p.m. EDT):

Dan Bongino, a Republican who is running for Maryland’s 6th District congressional seat and unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Senate last year, addressed the “Audit the IRS” rally.

“We got another fight on our hands,” he said. “Another fight we did not ask for.”

He said this fight was about our flag and that the country’s flag was an “idea.”

“Your liberty is the [top] priority your government needs to preserve,” he said.

He said the Constitution is one of the only things that limits the federal government. Bongino said Americans have “fought and died” for America’s ideals, and that America is the “exception, not the rule.”

“It is worth fighting for, cede no ground in this fight,” Bongino said.

UPDATE (2:55 p.m. EDT):

George Brunemann, of the Southwest Cincinnati Tea Party, said an IRS auditor said he was being targeted for having being associated with Tea Party groups.

UPDATE (2:50 p.m. EDT):

Justin Binik-Thomas described how the IRS targeted him by asking those affiliated with the Cincinnati Tea Party to describe their relationship with him.

“My name is Justin Binik-Thomas. To the IRS, I’m No. 26,” he said.

He continued and said that he wanted to ensure that “systemic changes” are made in the IRS so they cannot target anyone in the future.

UPDATE (2:45 p.m. EDT):

Mark West, of the Chattanooga, TN Tea Party simply said Republicans needed to play “hardball” and  not “Tee Ball.” He said the U.S. military would not send “Cub Scouts” to fight al-Qaeda, and conservatives should not send those to Washington who will not stand up and fight. He said it was time for conservatives to pick up “Louisville Sluggers.”


Bannon: “Since we’re running late, I’m going to cede my time to citizens so they can come up here and tell you their stories.

“Andrew Breitbart loved the good fight, and he loved fighters, and that’s why he loved the Tea Party. Go to our site [] every day, and we’re gonna have your back in this long fight.

“People have said today that you ‘own these buildings.’ You may own ’em, but they’re occupied by a permanent political class that is out for your destruction.

And we’re going to be there every step of the way because these people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

UPDATE: (2:15 p.m. EDT)

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) joked that the IRS should be abolished and joked IRS agents should be sent to the Southern border. He joked if illegal immigrants saw “IRS agents on Southern border” they would turn back and go home.

“God Bless the Tea Party,” Cruz said. “I’m a little bit confused [because] the New York Times told me the Tea Party is dead.”

He added, “The IRS told me the Tea Party is dead.”

He said there is nothing more encouraging than millions standing up for “liberty, the free market, and the Constitution.”

Cruz said Richard Nixon was wrong to use the machinery of government to target Americans and the Obama administration is wrong as well for doing so.

“President Obama needs to tell the truth,” Cruz sai

To roars, he noted the IRS flagged words like “liberty, Patriot, Bill of Rights, Constitution.”

“They were right to be afraid,” Cruz said. He said the best solution is to “abolish the IRS.”

He urged citizens who have been targeted by the IRS to send emails to: IRSTarget@Cruz.Senate.Gov

“We are going to get to the bottom of this administration’s abuse of power against American citizens,” Cruz said.

Jenny Beth Martin: “John McCain is part of the problem in the Senate.” Martin said. She said Tea Partiers are not “wacko birds” but “American eagles” before introducing Sen. Ted Cruz.

UPDATE (1: 45 p.m. EDT) Breitbart’s Matt Boyle files this report about Rep. Michele Bachmann:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) electrified the Tea Party crowd in attendance at the press conference denouncing the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, and assured the American people that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not win his push to enact amnesty.

Read more here.

UPDATE (1:40 p.m. EDT) ForAmerica’s Brent Bozell passionately led the crowd in a “fire Eric Holder” chant.

“I am sick and tired of not getting answers from my government when my government is abusing my freedoms,” Bozell said.

He had a message for the national media who aided and abetted the Obama administration. He urged the attendees to tell the mainstream media, “Do your jobs, report the story.” The crowd started chanting, “Do your jobs,” as Bozell left the stage.

UPDATE (1:25 p.m. EDT):

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) joked he asked Harry Reid if he could borrow Reid’s cell phone this morning and said the NSA would be surprised to see Harry Reid at a Tea Party.

Paul said Americans can have “freedom, security, and the Bill of Rights and the Constitution all at the same time.”

He said the government’s persecution of people based on religious and political beliefs needs to “end and it needs to end right now.” 

“We’re sick and tired of government bullies, and we need to send them home,” Paul said.“We’ve been fighting for a decade against people who attacked us. We’ve been fighting for a decade to protect our country … We’ve been fighting for freedom.”

He said he would continue to defend the Constitution.

UPDATE: (1:20 p.m. EDT)

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) said the American people are not going to tolerate Obamacare and urged attendees to fight for change in 2014. He said 2014 will make 2010 look like a “Sunday picnic” to Democrats.

UPDATE: (1:15 p.m. EDT)

Glenn Beck railed against evil the “circus masters” in the federal government that want to use machinery of government to try to make men masters of other men.

He said it was “time to rise up” because people were “born free.” But he noted “freedom comes at a “profound price and responsibility.” He railed against American intervention abroad and the decaying culture at home.

He blistered those who “no longer are willing to call evil by its name” and said “when there is no vision the people will perish.” Beck spoke at length about Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. He said Dr. King’s vision did not come from “progressive philosophy” or “Hollywood” but from God and “God alone.” He said Janis Joplin and the hippies were not responsible for the civil rights movement of the 1960s. He said he liked Washington, D.C. less than Las Vegas because at least Vegas has the decency to admit the town is full of “crooks and hookers.” He also railed against the mainstream media for being public relations agents for the Obama administration.

Beck said Americans should not stand by and tolerate when the rights of people are violated based on skin color, religion, or political affiliation and criticized leaders of civil rights organization and unions whose ideals would not be recognized by their founders. He said the government cannot be trusted to protect the rights of people that are guaranteed to Americans and “self-evident.”

“The government is no longer the protector of those rights,” Beck said. “It is the chief violator of those rights.”

UPDATE (12:38 p.m. EDT):

Rep. Michele Bachman (R-MN): “Don’t you love the look of liberty?”

She noted she was an “insurgent” in her former life because she wanted to defeat the tax code. She said she got a job as a tax lawyer because the best way to defeat the enemy is to understand the enemy from the inside out.

She said this rally is sending “shivers” up the spines of those in Congress.

“You are here, and you are clear with your message,” she said, noting everyone should have to pay something to the great country.

Heritage Action’s Mike Needham said the Tea Party is alive and well and “we are going to write the obituary of big government.”

“We will not stop until Obama’s [big] government has been reigned in,” he said.

UPDATE (12:18 p.m. EDT):

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), speaking at the rally, said “big brother has gotten a lot creepier than George Orwell though it would ever get.” He said he was for abolishing the IRS.

UPDATE (12:10 p.m. EDT):

Jenny Beth Martin, of Tea Party Patriots, kicked off the rally and said, the IRS, an agency “many fear more than death” was turned into “a weapon against us.

She said “government is “too powerful and too big” and said, “as we stand here today, Congress is trying to pass another 1,000+ amnesty bill.” She said government is out of control and the ruling class treats americans like subjects.

“We will not allow them to dictate to us,” Martin said. “We will remind them that ours is a Constitutional republic where the law will be applied equally and fairly.

She said a “thuggish and gangster-style government will not stand in America.”

We will continue to do what they fear most and “speak out” and “shine a light” on their “crony, corrupt” behavior.

UPDATE (11:58 a.m. EDT): 

Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) says before the rally, “we’re going to follow the facts and get what the truth is.” He said the hearings with the targeted victims personalized and humanized the scandal even though he was sorry they were targeted.

“We wanted to give them a voice,” Camp said.

UPDATE (11:55 a.m. EDT)

Jenny Beth Martin, of Tea Party Patriots, said she is proud of the crowd that has come to Washington to tell the IRS that they are not going to take it anymore. She noted the stellar roster of speakers and praised the “patriots” who were targeted by the IRS who will be speaking at the rally.

“We will not back down or be intimidated,” Martin said, noting that is the message the rally will try to send to Washington, D.C.

UPDATE (11: 10 a.m. EDT): Rally attendees give Breitbart News huge applause when Breitbart News reporter Matthew Boyle introduces himself before asking a question at the press conference:


UPDATE  (11:00 a.m. EDT): Breitbart’s Boyle reports Breitbart News gets “massive applause” when he introduced himself and his organization before asking a question.

Boyle: “After I introduced myself before I asked the question, the crowd interrupted and gave a huge standing ovation.”

UPDATE (10:50 a.m. EDT) Breitbart’s Boyle’s updates from the press conference:

Rep. Fleming riles up the press conference audience over Obamacare. “Who was here the first time the Tea Party came to Washington?”

Then he compared gang of eight bill to Obamacare. “Maybe we should call this AmnestyCare.”

Fleming: CBO report conclusion that amnesty reduces deficit “not true.”

He said the real cost comes later.

Fleming said we are not anti-immigrant. “We are a free society but we are a society of laws.”

“We all love and support the idea of immigration,” he said.

More from Breitbart’s Boyle: 

Randy Weber adds: “Firings and jail time for the IRS”

Rep. Lummis (R-WY) and Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) join press conference. Both praise the Tea Party activists in the crowd.

Yoho bashes the Senate’s “Gang of Eight.” Instead, he calls on congress to “let’s do immigration that’s best for America”

He also holds up pocket Constitution.

UPDATE (10:40 a.m. EDT):

Fox News’ Chad Pergram notes some in the crowd do not like House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). He also notes King said it was “creepy” what the government could do to diminish the privacy of Americans.

UPDATE: (10: 25 a.m. EDT): From Breitbart’s Mike Flynn:

Capitol Hill police are trying to block activists attending Wednesday’s “Audit the IRS” rally from also attending a nearly day-long press conference on immigration, hosted by Reps. Steve King and Louie Gohmert. The IRS rally is on the west side of the Capitol, while the immigration event is on the east side. Organizers for the IRS event were told by Hill police that “your people” can only assemble on the west side. Organizers were told to remove the activists from the immigration event.

Read more here.

UPDATE (10:15 a.m. EDT): Members at the rally are taking questions from the media.

UPDATE (10:02 a.m. EDT): More from Breitbart’s Boyle:

Weber retakes the stage. “Political correctness is killing us!”

And Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) joins the press conference that now has at least 400 people in attendance.

UPDATE (9:52 a.m EDT): Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle reports Gohmert praises the crowd at the rally: “I love the signs I’m seeing. You guys get it.”

UPDATE (9:35 a.m. EDT): Tea Party movement takes to front of capitol to rally against amnesty

Matthew Boyle reports:

About 200 Tea Partiers began rallying outside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. to rally against the “Gang of Eight” amnesty legislation, and more and more Tea Partiers continue trickling in throughout the morning.

Technically, the rally is a “press conference” that Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is organizing with help from Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Paul Broun (R-GA) and Randy Weber (R-TX), among others.

In opening remarks at the beginning of the event, King told rally-goers the majority of Americans, especially conservatives, are not getting a fair debate inside the halls of Congress in the U.S. House and the Senate.

“That’s why we are here today … to take this debate outside the halls of Congress” King said to roaring applause.

When Gohmert took the stage, he noted how the Republican Party leadership seems to be missing a real opportunity right now to really “fix” the country. Instead of using the public awareness of President Barack Obama’s administration’s lawlessness through its scandals that keep dripping out, GOP leaders are using amnesty to change the subject.

“Now for the first time, the American people have awakened,” Gohmert said. “We have this incredible opportunity to fix things. This is the time to fix America, not change the subject.”

Weber, who took the stage next, warned against what he argued seem to be perpetual forces trying to weaken America with a weakened border.

“For us to have a safe world, we must have a strong America,” Weber said.

Regarding the NSA scandal, Weber joked that it would be nice if the president listened to everyone on immigration as much as he snooped on everyone. “We finally have a president that listens to all Americans,” Weber said.

Weber added that Obama should secure the border now.

“The president has the authority to secure our border,” Weber said. “He should do it today. In fact he should have done it yesterday.”

He added that the Tea Partiers here on Capitol Hill are helping members fight for liberty and conservatism.

“Thank you Patriots for being involved and helping to elevate this discourse,” Weber said.




by Mike Flynn |

Capitol Hill police are trying to block activists attending Wednesday’s “Audit the IRS” rally from also attending a nearly day-long press conference on immigration, hosted by Reps. Steve King and Louie Gohmert. The IRS rally is on the west side of the Capitol, while the immigration event is on the east side. Organizers for the IRS event were told by Hill police that “your people” can only assemble on the west side. Organizers were told to remove the activists from the immigration event.

Capitol Hill police left a voicemail for Kevin Mooneyhan, Deputy Executive Director of Tea Party Patriots, saying that “your people” only are permitted to assemble for the event on the west side of the Capitol. The activists’ presence at the immigration event on the east side, supposedly violates the terms of the Tea Party’s permit. Mooneyhan was instructed to move any activists who planned on attending the Tea Party rally away from the immigration event.

Keep in mind, the immigration event is hosted by sitting members of Congress. The notion that citizens can’t attend an event featuring duly elected Representatives in a public space is absurd.

“The Capitol police are violating our rights to assembly and association,” Mooneyhan told Breitbart News. “How does our permit limit the rights of individuals to attend public events. It’s intimidation.”

Mooneyhan added, “How do they even know these are ‘our people?’ Did they look them up through PRISM?” PRISM is the controversial NSA program that reportedly tracks internet and email communication.



Today, inside, they dedicated a new statue of another American giant, Fredrick Douglas – a man born into slavery, but who knew instinctively that he was not born a slave. No man is. We all know this. We all know that each man and woman, everywhere, is born free. It is other men that enslave them. And to accomplish this takes a mighty effort. You must intimidate, brutalize, terrorize, belittle, degrade and make sure they don’t understand how to question and think critically…(Read more)

Important Message for Rally Attendees


Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win
without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure
and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to
fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for
survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is
no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as

-Winston Churchill

Dear Patriots,


Thank you for participating in the Tea Party Patriots’ Audit the IRS rally on June 19th at 12:00 pm.  We are very excited that you will be able to join us, and we appreciate your dedication to helping us correct this very grave issue of government abuse.

The rally will begin promptly at noon, so please plan to arrive no later than 11:45 am.  We will gather on the Capitol West Lawn.  Here is a map of the Capitol lawn area so you know where to go.


For those of you who will be arriving by bus, the buses will park at Union Station and then you will need to walk the short distance over to the Capitol yard area.

It will be very hot that day, so please remember to bring sunscreen and bottles of water.  As a reminder, PLEASE BE COURTEOUS AND REMEMBER TO THROW AWAY YOUR TRASH.  Do not leave empty water bottles on the Capitol grounds, as this could hamper our ability to get approved for permits in the future.

The rally will last for more than two hours, and we have a full agenda with speakers ranging from Members of Congress to victims who were personally targeted by the IRS.

If you have any questions before the rally, please contact us.  Shonda Werry on our staff can be reached at 202.246.0307, or email her at

If you would like to grab a bite to eat, there are several restaurants within walking distance.  In Union Station, there are several restaurants, including:

Thunder Grill (Main Hall of Union Station)

Pizzeria Uno (Mezzanine Level of Union Station)

Potbelly Sandwiches (West Hall of Union Station)

There is also a full food court in the basement of Union Station, which includes Taco Bell, Subway, and many other fast food restaurants.

You can find a full listing of the Union Station restaurants here:

For other restaurants in the neighborhood, please see this listing:

We are very excited to see you on Wednesday, and we are so thankful for your commitment to holding the government accountable.

In liberty,

The Tea Party Patriots Leadership Team



By Mike Flynn |

Conservatives are getting the band back together. On Wednesday, Glenn Beck reprises a familiar role, taking the stage at a rally in DC to galvanize grass roots conservatives against an encroaching government. Only this time, he will headline two rallies that will thrust the Tea Party back to center-stage on two critical issues.

Wednesday, Reps. Steve King and Michele Bachmann are hosting a dialogue on immigration reform on the steps of the US Capitol. The nearly day-long event will provide a more robust discussion on the issue than is currently happening in Congress. Glenn Beck will speak at this event in the morning.

Beck will then travel to the other side of the Capitol to address a Tea Party Patriots’ rally to “Audit the IRS,” in response to that agency’s intimidation of conservative activists and organizations. Although the rally is in specific response to the IRS scandal, it touches on growing anxiety individual citizens have about government’s increasing pervasiveness in our lives. Americans increasingly can no longer trust the government to act within its constitutional boundaries.

Both rallies have been organized on short notice, in response to fast-breaking news. The Wednesday date makes it difficult for many engaged activists to attend. Neither event may have a lot of people physically attending. That doesn’t mean the nation isn’t watching, however.

Beck was an incredibly positive force supporting grass roots activists in 2009 and 2010. He, like many activists, receded a bit from the scene after that. Beck’s return to DC signals that the movement is back. It will make its presence felt in 2014.




By Jenny Beth Martin |

The time has come for men and women of integrity, with an unwavering commitment to freedom and the Constitution in their hearts, to come together once again, en masse, to show the ruling class in DC that their long train of abuses has come to an end.

Join Tea Party Patriots and many others for an Audit the IRS rally on the west lawn of the Capitol in Washington, DC on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at high noon.

The members of the ruling class, from both parties, are outing themselves in the wake of scandal after scandal, as they seek to do damage control and circle the wagons around each other. That foul stench emanating from Washington, DC is the fear they have of losing their power. For four years, the tea party movement has been sounding the alarm that big government is out of control in every way, in every department, in every agency, in every branch of government, and in every party.

Which scandal gets under your skin the most?

Is it Fast and Furious? Is it Benghazi? What about the State Department covering up misconduct and halting investigations? The NSA spying on innocent Americans.

What about the IRS targeting, discriminating against, and oppressing the speech of conservative and tea party groups? Or perhaps the IRS illegally leaking confidential donor information of conservative groups to their political opponents? Or maybe it’s the fact that the IRS spent $50 million in two years on conferences, parties, and really awful parody videos for their employees? Could it be the IRS stealing millions of private medical records? Or was it when the federal government asked American citizens for the content of their prayers.

Is it knowing that Obamacare enforcement will be administered by same IRS that systematically oppressed Big Government’s political opponents, with the same woman in charge? Maybe it’s that Congress is trying to exempt themselves from Obamacare while forcing the American people to suffer under it, without choice and without recourse.

Are you incensed about the 1000% increase in FBI records requests under the PATRIOT Act in the last four years? What about Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius using her position of power to shake down private insurance companies to extort them into donating to a pro-Obamacare nonprofit.

Is it the hundreds of HHS employees gaining early access to a Medicare decision worth billions of dollars to private insurance companies? Or maybe it’s the Congressional insider trading and the news that Congress and President Obama quietly gutted the provisions that would make it harder for them to use their access to information to make millions in the stock market.

Wait, is it the DOJ illegally seizing Associated Press phone records and FOX News reporter James Rosen’s phone records, email, movements, and more? Or was it when Attorney General Eric Holder possibly committed perjury in front of Congress? Maybe it was when Director of Intelligence James Clapper also possibly committed perjury in front of Congress.

Hold on, was it when you found out that the Department of Homeland Security stopped doing background checks after President Obama unconstitutionally changed our immigration laws with a simple executive order.

Perhaps it was the four ongoing scandals at the EPA–1) The EPA giving an ethics award to a fake employee that was invented so that EPA head Lisa Jackson could avoid transparency and FOIA laws? 2) The EPA making conservative groups pay FOIA fees over 90% of the time while waiving the fees for liberal groups over 90% of the time? 3) EPA employees creating swanky personal rec rooms at the office with taxpayer money and hiding them from the building cameras by stacking boxes all around the room? 4) The EPA leaking confidential and personal information about farmers and cattle facilities to environmentalist groups.

What about the nepotism at the Department of Energy.


And those are just some of the ones we know about.

If that’s not enough to get people out of the house and into the streets, what else will it take? What other sort of abuses are you willing to take.

If you are fed up, visit and join other freedom loving Americans, to take a stand on June 19th for your rights and for the natural, human desire to be free.